Office Space in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

When starting up your business venture, your business premises or legal business address is a vital aspect regardless of what industry or field your business falls into. So many start-up enterprises with huge potential of making it big in the business world fall under because of incorrect business positioning. Your location directly targets the type of market that would want your enterprise to focus on. This is why it is of utmost importance to establish your startup in a prime Liverpool location that is near and convenient to the market that you wish to penetrate.


Do not get too worried about this new information, though. We have got you covered. Here is a compiled list of the apt, suitable, potentially market worthy, and prime locations in Liverpool, England.

  1. Seymour Terrace, Seymour Street, Liverpool, England, L3 5PE

This office space is for individuals who are looking for a shared office space. The price on this place runs from £150 per person, per month. This office space brings you a fully equipped and service office environment complete with furniture, shared meeting rooms that are going to be all yours upon prior booking, business support systems and support services that are ideal for your new start up.

  1. Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, England, L3 5TF

The name says it all. Mount Pleasant office space is pleasant, but not just that. With the price of £125 per person, per month, you are sure to get more than a normal pleasant office space. You get to enjoy a fully equipped and service office environment complete with furniture, shared meeting rooms that are going to be all yours upon prior bookings. You will also get to avail of some customer enriching services like mail deliveries and pickups, a suitable corporate neighborhood, and friendly and equally driven office mates.

  1. Modern Flexible Office Space (With available flexible terms) To Let

Modern Flexible Office Spaces are indeed – by their very name – flexible. These serviced offices range from 250 square feet – which is good for four people – to 3,000 square feet which is big enough for the utilization and usage of up to sixty people. This flexible office space does not only offer you flexible terms, but will also guarantee you some other perks like ample parking, a stylish and modern reception and receiving area, breakout areas, boardrooms ideal for board meetings due to its state of the art audio, lights, and visual systems. Other perks include unlimited coffee and tea and high standard coffee making machines and snacks.

  1. Boundary Street, Liverpool, England, L5 9YJ

The price to rent this commercial office space on Boundary Street is £175 per person, per month. Like most office spaces in Liverpool, it offers top quality equipment ready to be used by its tenants. For the reasonable price of £175, you will now get premium access to all office amenities like printers, wireless internet connection, and coffee and tea.