Manchester Small Business: Government Schemes & Tax Incentives

Both national and local government in the UK have sought to make investment into certain geographical areas as attractive as possible. This is sometimes conducted on a region-wide basis but, more often than not, government schemes and tax incentives are focussed on a particular industry sector or city. A good example of the sort of thing that goes on when it comes to attracting new businesses to a city is Manchester which has had much success in recent years. Not only has Manchester’s economy thrived in comparison to other cities in the northwest of England particularly, but it has attracted overseas investors and regional headquarters from other locations in the UK that might compete, not least Birmingham and London. On occasions, the incentives on offer in Manchester have lead to inward investment from globally-based businesses which could have set up their operations anywhere in a European or Middle Eastern time zone. So, what are the schemes and opportunities that attract some of the leading regional and global players to Manchester?



  1. So many business industries can be found and established in Manchester

Manchester as a Part of the UK Drive for Investment

In the course of the last four or five years, Manchester – being a part of the wider UK economy – has benefited from overseas investors attracted by the relatively low tax regime. The corporation tax that Manchester-based businesses pay is set by the Chancellor of the Exchequer as a part of national government policy. According to Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue, the small profit rate of corporation tax has been low compared with other countries. This means that some businesses have chosen to make their headquarters in the UK, despite conducting most of the business abroad. In order to do this, a company must register in the UK and have its head office function carried out in the country.

With access to some excellent graduates in Manchester, which has several seats of higher education, it is relatively simple to find the executives who can perform the necessary business functions to claim the low UK corporation tax rate, without having to relocate the entire workforce. By being a part of this competitive tax set up, whilst still providing a highly educated administrative pool of talent, the UK as a whole – and Manchester especially – has reaped significant rewards.

Manchester Gets Connected

In the global business world, super-fast internet connections are a must. Mobile technology has simply sped up the way in which many corporations do business. In December 2013, the UK government announced that Manchester would benefit from a £100 million project to increase the inter-connectivity of regional cities. Salford – a suburb of the city, already being redeveloped as a high-tech centre by the BBC and others – and the city centre itself were specifically named in the project which is to be funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Under the scheme, small and medium enterprise (SMEs) in the city will be able to apply for government grants to the tune of £3,000 in order to cover the costs of installing faster and better broadband services.


Internal Investment

For Manchester-based businesses that are seeking investment from people who are already based in the UK, the government also has some programmes that have proved successful. A prime example is the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) which is one that a number of Manchester’s start up business owners have found beneficial. Under the government led investment programme, people looking to invest in Manchester’s nascent business community are afforded up to fifty percent tax relief and all that is required is that they demonstrate that they are investing in a genuine start-up business. According to the SEIS programme, officials ensure that the investments are made into bona fide businesses and anything up to £100,000 of investment is subject to the tax relief which encourages the investment in the first place. According to the government, SEIS is one of the most generous early stage tax breaks that can be found anywhere in the world, let alone Manchester.


The local body responsible for attracting businesses to Manchester is known as MIDAS. They have recently been in partnership with big names like Aegis and IBM. MIDAS has a particular focus on growth areas such as running a Manchester-China business forum and a similar one dealing with the biomedical and life sciences sector. According to MIDAS, they can help relocating companies with their premises and offices solutions as well as helping to provide key business services, such as accounting and recruitment. Helping businesses to collaborate with the universities in the region is one of the key services that many new investors to the region report is of particular benefit.



Office Space in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

When starting up your business venture, your business premises or legal business address is a vital aspect regardless of what industry or field your business falls into. So many start-up enterprises with huge potential of making it big in the business world fall under because of incorrect business positioning. Your location directly targets the type of market that would want your enterprise to focus on. This is why it is of utmost importance to establish your startup in a prime Liverpool location that is near and convenient to the market that you wish to penetrate.


Do not get too worried about this new information, though. We have got you covered. Here is a compiled list of the apt, suitable, potentially market worthy, and prime locations in Liverpool, England.

  1. Seymour Terrace, Seymour Street, Liverpool, England, L3 5PE

This office space is for individuals who are looking for a shared office space. The price on this place runs from £150 per person, per month. This office space brings you a fully equipped and service office environment complete with furniture, shared meeting rooms that are going to be all yours upon prior booking, business support systems and support services that are ideal for your new start up.

  1. Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, England, L3 5TF

The name says it all. Mount Pleasant office space is pleasant, but not just that. With the price of £125 per person, per month, you are sure to get more than a normal pleasant office space. You get to enjoy a fully equipped and service office environment complete with furniture, shared meeting rooms that are going to be all yours upon prior bookings. You will also get to avail of some customer enriching services like mail deliveries and pickups, a suitable corporate neighborhood, and friendly and equally driven office mates.

  1. Modern Flexible Office Space (With available flexible terms) To Let

Modern Flexible Office Spaces are indeed – by their very name – flexible. These serviced offices range from 250 square feet – which is good for four people – to 3,000 square feet which is big enough for the utilization and usage of up to sixty people. This flexible office space does not only offer you flexible terms, but will also guarantee you some other perks like ample parking, a stylish and modern reception and receiving area, breakout areas, boardrooms ideal for board meetings due to its state of the art audio, lights, and visual systems. Other perks include unlimited coffee and tea and high standard coffee making machines and snacks.

  1. Boundary Street, Liverpool, England, L5 9YJ

The price to rent this commercial office space on Boundary Street is £175 per person, per month. Like most office spaces in Liverpool, it offers top quality equipment ready to be used by its tenants. For the reasonable price of £175, you will now get premium access to all office amenities like printers, wireless internet connection, and coffee and tea.


Edinburgh Small Business: Government Schemes & Tax Incentives

Edinburgh office-based businesses can access a variety of government-backed initiatives with financing and other business development supports. Financing and business support helps a company expand and develop new products or services. These supports also facilitate access to new markets and help attract investment and employees. The following is an overview of some key government schemes.



Enterprise Investment Schemes

The Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme encourage investors to purchase stocks in businesses. The HM Revenue & Customs tax relief schemes are valuable tools for attracting investment. The two schemes are available to investors purchasing stocks in businesses with fewer than 250 employees. Full eligibility criteria are available from HM Revenue & Customs. In some cases, relief from the Capital Gains Tax may also be provided through the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Enterprise Management Incentives

Enterprise Management Incentives helps businesses attract and retain employees with tax-advantaged share options. Designed for high-risk independent trading companies, the incentive is available for small and medium sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees. The Enterprise Management Incentives scheme allows these businesses to provide tax-advantaged share options up to £250,000 to employees.

Research and Development Relief

The Research and Development Relief scheme supports businesses that are investing in projects that resolve scientific or technological uncertainty. Offered by HM Revenue & Customs, businesses may use this scheme to reduce their tax bill or access a tax credit with a cash payment if a business is liable for Corporation Tax. Under the scheme, 10 per cent of eligible science or technology research and development expenses may be covered.

Grant Accelerator

The Grant Accelerator programme is an initiative backed by the UK Government and delivered by private sector growth experts. It provides advice and coaching to help business access financing, innovate and develop. Grants are also provided to address individual leadership and management training needs to ensure quick and sustainable growth. Grant Accelerator is for businesses based in England and registered in the United Kingdom. Companies must have less than 250 employees with an annual turnover of less than £40 million. They must also be independent and not part of a larger group.

Gateway to Global Growth

Gateway to Global Growth supports small and medium sized enterprises expanding into overseas markets. Businesses with fewer than 250 employees are eligible for programme, which is delivered by UK Trade and Investment. With programme provides customised advice and support. It improves the viability of expanding into new overseas markets by reducing risks, overcoming barriers, development skills and maximising opportunities. Each company is assigned an International Trade Advisors, who completes a strategic review of the company’s needs and an action plan. The programme also helps businesses access networking and mentoring opportunities.


Edinburgh Small Business Loan Fund

The City of Edinburgh Council offers interest free loans of up to £2,500 through its Small Business Loan Fund. Loans are available for new or recently started businesses that are based in Edinburgh and are locally owned and managed. The programme supports businesses that have difficult accessing other forms for financing from traditional sources, such as banks. Loans may be used for projects that will help the business grow. Generally, the Fund is available for businesses in their first year of trading employing 10 or fewer employees.

East of Scotland Investment Fund

The East of Scotland Investment Fund provides loans of up to £50,000. Loans are available for growing small and medium sized enterprises with a commercially viable project but have been unable to secure sufficient funding from traditional financing sources. Business must be a limited company or limited liability partnership. They must also be able to provide match funding from the private sector to support the project. The Fund is supported by the Scottish Government and the European Commission’s European Regional Development Fund.

Business Rate Reductions

Ratepayers in Edinburgh are eligible for a variety of business rate reductions. Unoccupied business properties may receive relief from the City of Edinburgh Council for up to three months, while 90 per cent of the property charge is billed following this initial period unless the property is exempted. Additional rate relief is also available for business properties that have been empty for at least 12 months and for new build properties. The Scottish Government’s Small Business Bonus Scheme also provides relief for business properties with a combined rateable value of £18,000.

Finding More Information

Information on other government-backed financing and business supports is available from the UK Government’s Business Finance and Support Finder. Advice and support is also available from Business Gateway Edinburgh.



Small Businesses in Britain: Online Forums

Owners of small businesses have a lot to do and very little time to do it in. No matter what field you plan to go into or what industry you want to partake in, business is not a walk in the park. If you have no idea where to start and your business experience is slim to none, do not worry too much. Every big name in business that one usually hears about – Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft; Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook; and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, creators of Google – all probably started off the same way you are about to when they first established their now multi million companies.


Truth be told, when planning to start a business venture for the first time, we all could use a little helping hand. Asking advice, tips and strategies from family, friends and other entrepreneurs is a great way to start. However, it might not be enough.

It is always a great idea to seek quality advice; otherwise, the future of your startup may be put in jeopardy. But then again, there is always an alternative that you can choose. In various places of the United Kingdom, there are several business forums held every once in awhile all dedicated to helping businesses of all natures and sizes to start up and rise easily.

If you are looking for small, medium or large scale business forums near your home, then you are in luck today. Here is a list of the top three business forums in the United Kingdom. Have a look, and you might find just the right one to help get you started.

UK Free Business Forum

If you are looking for a well structured, awell-organized website that centers on giving and providing business advice, then UK Free Business Forum is the website for you. Do not get too excited by the word “free” though; it does come with certain amounts that you need to cover to access the website. However, this site is one of the top sites used by business all over the world, so you are getting quality inputs from different perspectives.

Startups UK Forum

If you need specific advice on how to start a business, then Startups UK Forum is the website for you. This site is currently overflowing with tips and tricks on how you can start your start-up. You can ask a variety of questions without limit like “How do I open my bakery?” or “When is the right time to start a small business?” Just ask away, and you’re sure to have quality suggestions from people all over the country and the world who have experience in doing business.